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americAn girls

be careful

don’t make the mistake of assuming that human trafficking is an isolated, clandestine problem buried in the folds of the mountains of nepal or the disclosed in the dusty misogynistic deserts of the middle east. traffickers in your suburban neighborhood may prey on younger girls, even in middle schools, grooming them by posing as ‘boyfriends,’ buying them pretty things, saying all the right words, slipping drugs or alcohol causing substance abuse, instilling fear and division between girls and their families, and so many other psychological constraints. i shouldn’t even have to reiterate it, but stay involved and informed in loved one’s lives and know who and where they are spending time with.

and even if it wasn’t an issue in america … injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere (mlk jr.) so let your heart see across borders to where others are fighting for their own freedom



what the heck am i doing in thailand?

ya gotta see this