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you only get one shot at your life today

you only get one shot at your life today



I hate goodbyes

Best Frickin Friends is the new BFF… I got inspired and made my own version to brand my friends that are trotting to other likely living spots other than West Palm Beach…


The same familiar laughter filling the ceilings is an echoed memory

We enter each other’s lives for a season; a day a month a year

And we are exactly what we need for just that time.

But relationships, friendships are the currency of life

And I am rich

I’ll be there for you, because I know you are there for me…

Daily life debriefs will not get lost in translation from this zip code to yours

No stretch of  empty space will dissipate the irrevocable transforming role you have played in the growth spurt up this chapter of me

Stay calm, carry on

Sure of what we hope for certain of what we cannot see

"In these bodies we will live

in these bodies we will die,

where you invest your love, you invest your life.”

birds in flight




Katie is a smokin beauty with the freshest freckles…

is there plastic surgery to get freckle implants? i loveeee frecklessss



iconical recess

philosophic - spiritual wrestling matches, infinity, anomolies, Regina Spektor pandora radio, and irony, these are a few of my favorite thingggss but sometimes I just need to take a vacation where my brain flat-lines and thoughts are deserted expended energy sOOOOOOOO here is a visual tickle fight (almost as enjoyable as laughing til you cry from America’s Funniest Video montages) photo manipulations by erik johnasonn (i thank ya sir)

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